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Video-Mandalas (3D) customised

Mandalas are powers, codes of Light in graphical mode, they are inter-spacial Language of Light, Love and Divine Harmony. Creation of Mandalas is a multilevel, multifaceted process involving many light forces — from the person’s Higher Self and Mentors to the Angels and Archangels, and in some cases also envoys from other universes, worlds and civilizations…

Classical numerical mandala represents the sacred schematic image — a reconstruction of the world order. Psychotherapists use numeric mandalas to help a patient to achieve the completeness of awareness of its self and to acquire harmony, which healthy and meaningful life is impossible without.

Mandala is created individually for each person. Building a combined numerical mandala includes such personal details as full name, date and time of birth. Mandala might be ordered in the form of molding (see the examples in the photo). You can order video-mandala in 3D, and place it in your phone.

Healing music mandalas

Art therapy with the help of musical mandalas is listening to the music in the style of new age with watching simultaneously colored Mandalas, setting your body for gaining health, happiness, satisfaction, and success. Typically, music and mandalas are issued in the form of special videos.

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