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Mandalas are powers, codes of Light in graphical mode, they are inter-spacial Language of Light, Love and Divine Harmony. Creation of Mandalas is a multilevel, multifaceted process involving many light forces — from the person’s Higher Self and Mentors to the Angels and Archangels, and in some cases also envoys from other universes, worlds and civilizations…

Classical numerical mandala represents the sacred schematic image — a reconstruction of the world order. Mandalas are widespread in Hinduism and Buddhism, the religions, distinguished by the presence of well-developed cosmological views. Modern psychotherapists recognize conceptual and numerical mandala as an archetypic representation of human perfection. Psychotherapists use numeric mandalas to help a patient to achieve the completeness of awareness of its self and to acquire harmony, which healthy and meaningful life is impossible without.

mandala art-therapy

Mandala is created individually for each person. We all are owners and holders of unique personal code on the basis of which the mandala, allowing to harmonize energy flows and adjust one’s state, is created. Building a combined numerical mandala includes such personal details as full name, date and time of birth. Mandala might be ordered in the form of molding (see the examples in the photo). You can order video-mandala in 3D, and place it in your phone.

Владимир Кузнецов и Далай-Лама

Вячеслав Фетисов, Владимир Кузнецов

Владимир Кузнецов нумеролог

Мандала заказать

Владимир Кузнецов и Ирина Дубцова

Владимир Кузнецов мандала

Мандала на заказ

Art therapy with the help of musical mandalas is listening to the music in the style of new age with watching simultaneously colored Mandalas, setting your body for gaining health, happiness, satisfaction, and success. Typically, music and mandalas are issued in the form of special videos







Another kind of original natural treatment we open again and introduce into clinical practice is color-treatment or Chromotherapy.
In ancient Egypt treatment with energy of Ra, the Sun God, was widely used. In large vessels, filled with fruit juice, juice of Ra, which was accumulating in those fruit, large precious stones of the same color as the juice were put to satiate it with the corresponding color of stone, and it was given to drink to maintain vitality and to treat various diseases. Color influence is not just limited to the organ of vision-eye, it affects other senses-taste, hearing, touch and smell. Color might cause pleasant memories of the happiest moments of your life, and vice versa, in the same way as the sounds of music, a certain color can remind about something sad, painful, about suffering, about a lost love. These feelings associated with a color are called color associations.

Formation and consolidation of color associations in our minds is equal to the process of formation and consolidation of conditioned reflexes in the large hemispheres crust. The way we perceive colors depends both on the colors themselves, their purity, brightness, saturation, and on the features of our perception.

Everyone reacts to certain colors in a different way. Each color influences different people in different ways, depending on the temperament and health. There are colors that we instinctively avoid — they irritate us, cause discomfort and anxiety. Other colors delight our eye. We prefer them in clothes, jewellery, interior. Psychologists and psychiatrists define the nature of man, his inclination, a habit of his mind, psyche and even health state based on person’s preference or love to a specific color. This «color preference», according to psychologists, is formed on the basis of established associations and depends on national traditions and ties, temperament, sex. It is believed that color preferences are biologically innate features and, presumably, have a close connection with the planetary influences in the process of formation of the individual. Children instinctively like bright and clear colors — red, blue, yellow. Any other color which isn’t in the normal color range, immediately arouses increased, keen interest of child. «Color preferences» change with age — among clear special colors, cool tones are preferred. Very interesting data associated with characteristic of personality depending on «color preferences», is present in a number of works both of our compatriots and foreign scientists. Based on these works, you can make a very interesting picture that will give the readers an opportunity to see characteristics of already familiar to us signs of the Zodiacal circle in some color characteristics, and thereby confirm once again the truth of complete unity and interrelatedness of everything existing in the world.

WHITE Those who like white easily fall into an ecstasy, they have highly developed imagination, faith, religiosity. They prefer peace and harmony. They are characterize by polarity-estrangement and approximation, sympathy and detachment. Persons who prefer white are dreamy, which pushes them either to be lifted up into heaven, or to drugs. White lovers tend to possess para-psychological abilities. They perfectly combine the strength of Lion with the caution of Snake. It is in their favor not to cultivate and completely eliminate such a sense as envy and other baser qualities of the soul. They can choose the finery with large stones of green scale for peace, serenity, balance — Amazonite is brilliant for these purposes. If white lovers want to keep their qualities or enhance them, they can choose the finery with white stones (pearls, white onyx, opal), while to change their state and mood they are to choose the stones of bright colors, depending on the characteristics of them, both medicinal and magical.

Red Those who like red color are passionate people who love to be in the saddle, to be leaders. They succeed only if they are not overflown with emotions (ambitions). They rarely suffer from remorse, love life and achieve the fulfillment of their desires. Red is the color of beastly passion. Red-lovers have a wide range of activities from hunting, sports to car racing, and their activities may have contrary qualities, as well as personality — from the Saint to the bloody dictator. Red-lovers are diverse and heteropolar, explosive and easily appeased. As well as in the previous case, it’s recommended to wear accessory with very small stones of red tones after the principle of homeopathy to enhance and sustain these qualities.

Pink Those who prefer pink tones are very soft people living all his life in the world of dreams, fairy tales and expectations of miracles. They are relaxed, gentle, dream of sublime love, prefer comfort and homeliness to campaigns and tents. They supersede reality with «rose-colored glasses», allowing you to keep their peace and nervous system. Due to their characteristics, they endure facing reality with great difficulty, almost like a catastrophe. Fans of pink color often let others down, because they overestimate their strength, and they promise more than they can do, their promise is often an illusion. They calm down after the storm quite fast and tend to live to a ripe old age. Pale lilac stones — amethyst and charoit -create an environment for reflection, poetic dreams for them. Yellow stones stimulate their mental and physical activities, and white agate returns them to «the sinful Earth». Their poetry and sublimity can be emphasized by the refined thread of pearls, which will give them tenderness and charm of youth.

Sky-blue (light blue). Fans of this color are travelers, aiming for knowledge, religious, and subtly feel otherworldly light beyond the usual perceptions of our senses. Despite these qualities, there are a lot of militaries and people interested in riding among them. Recommendations on the stones are given according to the previous criteria. It’s worth to add that they should wear yellow stones — amber, citrine, — to enhance vitality and energy concentration to their blue tones. Dark blue — the color of artists. Lovers of dark blue, as a rule, easily achieve success, their aims and wealth. They are energetic, love life and children. In life, like on stage, they feel like actors, and therefore adore recognition. If the work is after their heart and brings pleasure, then they succeed. They love traveling, often play the role of conductors. Their stones are of blue color, but they need white stones for aspirations or relaxation. Light-blue color lovers can choose the stones of the same tones, as well as dark-blue — lapis-lazuli, sapphire — white coral is also not bad to underline femininity.

Those who love it are characterized by dreaminess, romanticism, love to travel, they strive to the sea, to the water. They are very sociable, have a lot of friends love being in team. Baby-blue is the color of femininity, motherhood, security, strength of family relations. For the fans of baby-blue colors, mother is the closest person, and they are fully devoted to her and respect her boundlessly. But if mother was cold to them in their childhood — this leaves a trace on the rest of their lives. They can’t stand loneliness and suffer deeply, if such situation takes place. They give a lot, but want to receive the same. They are popular and beloved, strain after the knowledge, uniting people, for example politics, religion, they treat this knowledge with deep respect and follow traditions. In the sexual sphere, they are quite moderate and calm. They more concerned with emotional-intellectual side of life. These people are so charming and have such beautiful mental qualities, that they may be recommend to maintain these qualities with the help of silver jewelry with stones in their tones: light-blue turquoise, light-blue aquamarine -the stone of the sea, pearls, opal with blue radiance, which is not to be afraid of, but is to be loved, as any stone is our friend, which needs tenderness, love, and, believe me, it would respond you in kind.

Those who like brown are characterized by balance, thoroughness, ordering of their actions, craving for knowledge. They prefer solitude, silence. They are distinguished by severity, fortitude, frugality. Fans of brown tones like power and strive for it, they are strongly and firmly stand on their own feet. As a rule, they do not make a brilliant impression on others, but in difficult times you can rely on them and «they will do to take along». They are active in love and devote a lot of time to it. Ponder a lot on the problems of the world and are very afraid to lose control. Achieve their goals with great persistence, whatever those goals are. Brown is the color of mature age and mature decisions. Lovely jaspers of brown shades and agates are their faithful helpers in their qualities realization. While carnelian with honeyed hue would assist them in love relations.

The fans of dark-gray tone are characterized by logical thinking, love to science, medicine and technology, as well as the ability to resolve the most complex problems. Dark-gray tone is purifying. It appears in our dreams when overcoming some disease, if there is a successful solution of our problems at work and in love. Those who prefer dark-gray color, like order, each thing of them is to be on its own place both in everyday life, and in thoughts. They are considered to be scrupulous, but in difficult situations they are sought help, they are able to analyse both their own and others ‘ actions. These people can reach great heights in all the fields, both in the humanities and technology. They are undoubtedly creative personalities. They should not be chained and strained. In the sexual live, these people are able to achieve full emancipation. If disappointment befalls in any sphere, they cope with that feeling very quickly. Their clothes might be decorated with the stones of red tones, they can give them energy, vivacity and «cheer their heart» — it is garnet, red ruby, red carnelian (carneole); and red coral will save them from evil eye. Fans of light-gray tones are smart, judicious, quick and restless. Their sociability helps them find friends, but they can’t bear restrictions, even when they create them on their own. As a rule, they avoid difficulties, do not complicate their life. Their distraction interferes with their concentration and meditation. They are distinguished by the richness of thought, the ability to always keep a sense of proportion, intelligence and interpersonal skills. They are sometimes accused of lacking warmth or depth, but it’s not like that. Such behavior is explained or is a consequence of their timidity. Light-gray is the color of youth, rapid pace of life, the color of desire to escape from oneself and from the difficulties. They are very impressionable, can not endure noise and heat.

Those who like dark-green tones are stubborn and persistent. In combination with gold, it is the color of bankers. The people of this colors create all the creature comforts, provide themselves material steadiness, they are authoritative, respectable. Love peace and nature. They can become talented designers and architects. These people are secretive and obstinate, and their perseverance suppresses energy of others and very often leads to a split personality of those who communicate with them. Their high aesthetic qualities allow them to achieve both spiritual and material prosperity in case of happy fortunate coincidence of circumstances for them. They might be given a recommendation to be softer and realize that each of us has the right to have one’s own opinion, — by this they can avoid many troubles and get a large number of friends. They tend to arise a sense of safety and security in their hearest and dearest. Sexual life is very important for them. Failures in this area might deeply affect them. They are people of strong will, able to overcome any difficulties; only people with great patience, possessing diplomatic qualities and the gift of serious argument are able to make them change their opinion. Considering the stones to wear, recommendations are the same for them as for the fans of other colors: they can wear jewellery of green color-grade to maintain and enhance their qualities, but the stones must be not big; to get other qualities they are lack of, in addition to their colour, they can wear yellow, red, white stones, where the leading role should be given to rose quartz. Lovers of light-green are soft people who can appreciate cooperation, they are aesthetic and gentle. They are distinguished by a sense of justice, kindness, partnership. These people are very committed and smart, they are able to say exactly what is expected of them, but do not know how to listen, it is their fault which they must overcome. Unlike those who prefer dark-green tones, they are relaxed, sincere, sociable. Light-green is the color of youth, balance, spring, of elusive, fleeting happiness. The stones of dark-green tones — malachite, nephrite (dark one), jade stones, — brilliantly fit the range of light-green tones to enhance the durability and respectability of those who like them, as well as the stones of honey-brown color scale — jasper, agate, carnelian; red tones of stones will stir them up.

Yellow color is the color of Ra, the color of the divine Sun, sparkling, radiant, giving heat, life, energy. Yellow lovers are people of art, who have got strong will and spirit, they are Lions, loving power, able to concentrate power and will and send it where it appears to be the most effective. They can thrive both in science and on the stage. They not only can work a lot and with good results, but also can provide proper rest to themselves and others as well. Yellow color can contribute to the realization of both material and spiritual values. Lovers of yellow are sincere, their live replete with bright moments, they are smart and sensitive, and sometimes too sensitive, they are striving with whole soul toward happiness and achieve it with the help of their obstinateness. They are beautiful and generous, enjoy recognition of those around, they are able to discover the passion of life and pass on their experience to others, in addition, they patient and persistent. They make others envy, and they need to constantly look after themselves not to show arrogance intrinsic to them. Reinforced, concentrated yellow is ORANGE. Fans of orange color have all the features of those who like yellow, but in addition, they are skilled in love and sex. We offer them all the stones of Leo zodiac sign, and for peace and quiet it’s recommended to use green color range, and, if you can, purchase peridot in gold, as well as white and purple stones for the development of spirituality.

Purple color and those who prefer it are unusual, extraordinary, aspire to freedom, independence and space. Their life is rich in surprises and zigzags. Sometimes they seem to be «sleeping», but they strive for enlightenment and flight, dream of wings to fly up to the Sun. They are very sociable and like intellectual and spiritual communication, as they permanently lack it. These people possess high innate intelligence which even causes embarrassment and discomfort in normal average people surrounding them. Hence they crave for communication with peers on intelligence, because under normal circumstances they experience vacuum of these sensations. Fans of purple show the interest and passion for everything mysterious, unexplained and always try to find a solution to these phenomena. They love speed and are not afraid of threats. Very subjected to thyroid disease, dysautonomia and neuroses. Possess high intelligence, but physically weak. Usually, these people have blood group II. Such stones as amethyst, charoite enhance their qualities; amber, carnelian, yellow quartz give them strength. They are contra-indicated heavy physical exertion, but oriental exercise like wushu and vegetarian diet are quite useful for them.

Black color also has a large number of adherents. Lovers of black are always ready to fight; flames of passion and fire never leave them. Their feelings are always extreme, obsessive. Black is the color of the riot, squall, erasing the «ego», but, unlike in whites, the feeling is not voluntary, but rather imposed, indoctrinated. Black is a symbol of the night, destruction, but also of resurrection. Buddha black spot is the way to Nirvana, but for the further deployment of the Universe, into secret powers of subconscious mind, death. Those who love black do not always realistically assess the situation and therefore lose, which leads to deep suffering. Sexual area plays a leading role in their life, they are passionate, they are called «kings of the night», they love and are loved. Regardless of the goal, adherents of black color always go forward, ahead, without stopping. The principles of selection of the stone for this color: — small black agate or obsidian — for confirmation of their positions, to mitigate nature; white stone — for confirmation of peace; green (emerald, chrysoprase, amazonite, light malachite). It is recommended to follow the diet with restriction of meat.

Blue colour is a symbol of mystical detachment, the universal wisdom, spiritual wealth and self-reliance. It protects from evil eye, jinx. This color is preferred by artistic natures. Such people tend to achieve success, wealth, popularity, there are many public politicians among them, they have such a great life power that charge people around with it. Both on stage and in life, they feel like actors, reach after recognition and popularity. If work brings them pleasure, they quickly achieve success. Like traveling and often initiate all kinds of trips. Medicinal properties of the color. Blue color relieves fear and anxiety, milden aggression, it increases vitality of organism, facilitates recovery of the nervous system, enhances the ability to focus, and, on the condition of prolonged use, treats absent-mindedness. It has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system (the pineal gland, goiter, hyperthyroidism), helps to get rid of the diseases of kidneys and bladder, respiratory organs disorders, ophthalmic diseases. Blue color normalizes mentality, treats insomnia and is recommended for curing mental diseases, relieves muscle tension and reduces pain. It also has antiseptic effect, helps with skin diseases.

Not only individual colors, but also their combination have psychosomatic effects on person. For example:
Black blue — green. Lowers blood pressure, reduces the frequency of the pulse.
Blue — green. Invokes the feeling of comfort, slows down nervous excitation.
Blue — purple. An extremely tough combination, supersaturated with energy and can cause bouts of nausea and migraine.
Black —Blue. Relieves the palpitation, normalizes breathing.
Yellow — green. Relieves nervous tension, spasms caused by bronchial asthma.
Green — white. Gives a feeling of reliability, returns hope.
Green — light-blue. Calms down, invites to pensiveness and fantasies. An amazing remedy for insomnia.

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