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Usage of mandalas

Copy Mandala, print it on the color printer. Place it opposite yourself at the distance of 1.5-2 meters, on the line. Sit down and just look at it within 10-15 minutes trying to feel its energy. Try to feel how a part of your body resonates with it in a special way. Keep in mind the aim which Mandala has been created for, and understand that now you are going to receive the energy to realize this aim.

Mandala is a mystical image where spiritual reality is present both visibly and invisibly. Light-bearers of the world make an amazing pattern of Light, which would once shine so brightly that the Earth would turn into the Star of Freedom indeed.(from the materials of the site Flame of Rose)

Ordinary Working Procedure

Take a comfortable position (lying or sitting), relax. You may light candles, turn on pleasant music.

Having cleared your mind from all the emotions and thoughts, look into the centre of Mandala image, but don’t focus on it. Pay impersonal attention of observer inside yourself and “listen carefully”. If any feeling appears, don’t try to evaluate or analyze it, just focus your attention on it to enhance the effect up to a maximum, and go on observing your inner world, plunging deeper and deeper into it. The time of concentration is defined individually and depends on the training (from 5 minutes to an hour or more), you may finish once you feel that you are tired to focus attention, and there are no more changes of your state.<
Before starting to apply Mandala in practice, you are to know the following information:

* mandalas are conducted by human’s power of thought (i.e. by you yourself), that’s why the more positive information they obtain, the more energy they attract through the channel;
* they are not a source of energy themselves, they just conduct it, attract it from the universal energetic informational space;
* the energy of Mandala is immediately spread at any distance, penetrating all the obstacles; the interaction of human with them is ceaseless, and the intensity of this interaction permanently grows;
* setting up for work with Mandala is mental, so it doesn’t depend on its location as it may be saved anywhere. It may be used at any time of day;
* the image of Mandala might be placed as you wish – its effect wouldn’t wear off; you can use up to 3-4 images simultaneously.
* it’s possible to work with them every day, according to individual needs, for example, within 15-30 minutes, taking a break each seventh day. In 5-6 months, the activity can already be performed every second or third day, in a year, it’s possible to do it even more seldom, and work with Mandala consciously only when internal necessity appears.

There are various ways to apply Mandala images: it’s possible to relieve from headache with the help of it, to reduce the influence of meteorological factors, to train memory, to neutralize geopathic zones, to use for purification of any environments, spaces, objects, organisms, to meditate.

Using Mandalas:

Charging with water energy

Purification of space, food, medicines


Neutralization/reduction of geopathic zones harmfulness, of electronics and environment influence

Working with consciousness/subconsciousness, meditation

Activation of spiritual information laid in the human DNA. Balancing and harmonizing left and right cerebral hemispheres which contributes to opening your heart and helps to follow intuition

Solving situations, improving relationship (with nearest and dearest, children, colleagues)

Attracting love, welfare into life, making dreams come true

Working on some qualities (getting rid of negative qualities and manifestation of positive ones), etc.

Health Improvement

To make the whole body healthier, you need to find some quiet place and free time. Put the image on your knees or in front of you.
Take a comfortable position, relax as much as possible and look closely at Mandala. When focusing on the pattern, concentrate on the vibration of goodness, rest and peace. Imagine that this is an alive space point which is listening to you sympathetically and understands everything.

That’s why, when addressing the Universe through Mandala, wish it prosperity and happiness in your mind and aloud, by saying something like:”Goodness be with the whole Universe”. Afterwards, state your desire-intention, for example:”May all my illnesses disappear, specify them, and my biofield become powerful and thick, securing me safely from all the kinds of misfortunes and disasters. I am healthy. Let intelligence and power of love increase in me. I am healthy, full of energy and strength”. Wish yourself what is useful and necessary for you. Then close your eyes and in your mind come back to the time of your life when you were happy and healthy. It’s necessary to be in this state for about 20 minutes. If you fall asleep, that’s for the better – while sleeping recreation is more effective.

Charging with Water Energy

Water is alive substance; it has already been proved by scientists that it reacts to external vibrations by changing its structure. Mandala, as a high-frequency vibrations conductor, can make positive impact upon water by structuring it in a special way, turning “dead water” (i.e. the one which has lost its structure and therefore isn’t really useful for your health) into “alive” one. In the evening, pour some raw water into a glass container, cover it with the image you have chosen (also, it’s possible to attach the image to the bottom or side of the container with water) and formulate your desire-intention mentally or aloud, it may be like the following:“Let this water charge with the energy which would clean it of all the pernicious contraries, let it remove all the toxins from my body, help to get rid of…(specify your diseases), calm down my nervous system, bring the highest blessing to me”.

It’s necessary that all the desires-intentions stated are utterly sincere and pronounced with belief in success. This water is usually ready-to-serve just in several hours. To improve the effect, several images may be used at once, for example, one should cover the container with water and another one is to be under it, etc.

The water charged like this is of use when cooking food, dough, compote, watering flowers etc. If you bathe your child in water like this, your baby will be more peaceful, its skin will become clean and it will develop better. It’s recommended to drink this water both to children and adults.

You can use the charged water as a “concentrate”, by adding it in small quantities into ordinary water. Thus, all the water will soon absorb the energy of the charged one and become structured.

Amulets and Protection with Mandalas

Mandalas can be used as amulets. Program Mandala for your protection, for example: “Create an informational-energetic shield against the action of harmful environmental energies, evil thoughts and unkind actions of creatures”. The amulet like this is to be constantly carried around. It may be placed in car interior, on entrance door, windows, in wallet, on those things which are with you most of the time.
Activate it: “I’m setting protection of my mind, body and soul from harmful energies of the world around me”. “No evil essence would pass through the doors of this apartment”.


It’s enough just to place Mandala at the room which is your artistic space. Mandala contributes to creative potential development, stimulates artistic activity, helps to find ways and means to realize creative ideas. You can stick the images to your guitar; put them on the piano, tape-recorder, etc.

Meditation by Means of Mandala

When you meditate using Mandala, you train to concentrate on a certain element of soul with your eyes. Usually, Mandalas are divided into segments, and each of them carries some message. Working in the direction from outer layers to those deeper inside, you connect with the energy of various elements, which Mandala consists of, and absorb them. Gradually, you fix your eyes on the centre of Mandala, which is embodiment of spirit and epiphany. Meditations like these are highly effective when you need to concentrate, but it’s hard to do. Symbolic of shapes and colours combinations becomes personal, that’s why personal/individual Mandalas are often created or ordered.

It’s necessary to remember that if you learn how to work with Mandala in a proper way, it will become an effective instrument for opening and using your inner energy, a kind of key to your hidden resources.

When disposing yourself to work with Mandala, we get involved in special universal rhythm, which helps to perceive cosmic energy, and receive an opportunity of entirely different development. Having obtained new information, many would be able to analyze their life, to find out what features they have initially got, to correct their weaknesses consciously, with the purpose to achieve completion of the tasks they were born for.

One More Method of Work with Mandala

It’s needed to focus your attention on its centre. This process of concentration itself contributes to clarification of your consciousness, regulation of your energetic power and fine structures. As soon as you manage to focus your consciousness on the centre of Mandala and keep it steady for some time, all the inner storm of your chaotic thoughts, worries, anxieties and obsessions would die step by step. You will soon notice your peripheral vision to turn on, and your mind to be flooded with non-verbal information, transforming your inner condition.

In a while you will be able to see the whole picture. Don’t look up from the centre of Mandala and try not to blink, in spite of some primary discomfort – it will pass in a short time, muscles of eye will adapt and relax. You would unintentionally try to examine separate parts of the image – keep your eye and consciousness in the centre of Mandala by flat of will. Don’t pay attention to the change of visual effects, which would take place in front of your eyes – just keep watching. Play of colour shades, different figures dominating in turns, spiral movement of concentric circles, volume appearing in the image – this is indispensable part of the practice. Don’t pay too much attention to it, that is not the idea of working with Mandala. Even if Mandala begins to disappear in your perception – you shouldn’t be surprised with this as well. Continue to look into the centre of Mandala quietly, watching your consciousness without involving your thoughts and emotions. In a while, the centre of mandala will directly interact with your own centre, with your personality.

This experience may be called transpersonal – if you keep to Jungian views, and leading to serenity of your mind – if Buddhistic terminology is closer to you. Anyway, it broadens the borders of consciousness and stabilizes positive states inside you.

Mandala also anticipates your spiritual development. Those nonphysical entities, which you directly work with, send information into your individual consciousness through these structures.

In more applicable sense, Mandalas may be used to control your life energy – “Chi”, to activate your might, to get rid of psycho injuries, stresses, depressions, psychosomatic disorders, existential worries (end of being, loneliness, feeling of guilt), chronic fatigue, age-related crisis.

Mandala – is an alive Creature of Light, that’s why, after working with it, don’t forget to thank it!

Wish you success, love and welfare!

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