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Reiki Teaching

«The teachings of Reiki is simple. It only does what is laid by nature.»
«Reiki Energy «turns on» with raising hands and «turns off» when moving them away.
The energy of life does not make mistakes, and the power received by the master of Reiki, stays with you throughout your life.
Always use Reiki only in right sense.
You must understand that most of us are those who we want to be.
You take or adopt nothing from the client. Everything comes from you to him or her.
Therefore, you do not assume complaints and illnesses of him or her.
Never make a diagnosis and never prescribe anything. Just share what you would do if you were in your client’s shoes or in his or her state.
You are not obliged to treat everyone and therefore you should not feel guilty if you deny someone.
You are the channel that broadcasts energy of Reiki. God is the source. You are connected with God.
You are a divine creature. Reiki is divine power.
Having opened Reiki once, you should never «disconnect». Yes, and do you need it?
This is healing and expression of love.


1. It’s today when I will not worry;
2. It’s today when I will honestly perform my work;
3. It’s today when I will be kind to the entire surrounding;
4. It’s today when I will be thankful for all the blessings.


It is the love of God in the purest form.
Absolutely not limited to conventions.
It requires anything neither from giver nor from the one receiving.
It’s non-blaming doctrine and religion.
It does not require any special faith in a higher power or in Reiki teaching itself.
It’s used in its traditional form, developed by Dr. Usui in the Usui system aimed at natural healing.
Reiki heals the body and emotions, leading them to the state of balance and harmony and bringing health, happiness, joy, prosperity and long life.


Reiki is a life force and energy, penetrating through all the living creatures. Reiki, also referred to as Usui System of Natural Healing, is a technique of vibrating energy which balances, harmonizes and restores our power system using non-polarized energy via the energy centers, located on the palms of the hands. Hands are soft and relaxed, without touching the body, they are located on different sites of it, usually starting with the head. Physiologically, one hour treatment is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep. This fact alone shows how effective Reiki are for removing stress.

Reiki originated thousands of years ago. Tibetan monks mastered the art of finding the universal life force for use in treatment and self-transformation, which finally leads to spiritual enlightenment. This teaching was transmitted only to the few.

Reiki was newly opened by Dr Mikao Usui, Christian Scientist-theologian and teacher, who in the mid 80-ies the 19-20th century, while answering the question of his graduates about the technique of healing Jesus used, undertook an in-depth study of the phenomenon of great spiritual leaders treating. In Buddhist writings he discovered the technique of treatment and spent the later years of his life, applying and transferring that knowledge.

At the end of the 1970’s, thanks to Mrs. Havajo Takata, all the Western world began speaking about Reiki. Since then, tens of thousands of people worldwide have received and continue to receive and transmit Reiki.<

Reiki is a holistic therapy aimed at the body, mind and soul, and determining the cause and source of the disease. Reiki helps maintain balance both in our health and the health of those receiving Reiki energy. This energy can be felt through the sensation of heat or light stinging. Reiki can not harm anyone because it naturally sets in order and satisfies human needs. Reiki can be used anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Reiki treatment is very simple and safe, it does not require additional medical treatment or diagnosis, so anyone can learn Reiki.

Reiki is mainly for those people who want to be more attentive to their way of life, responsible for their life and who want to live longer life, full of love, joy and happiness.


First of all, Reiki is the help to yourself, as you take control of your health and well-being.
It reduces stress, relieves tension, promotes relaxation. Mitigates fatigue and muscle tension.
Mitigates fatigue and muscle tension.
Relieves headaches, treats cold, rheum, cuts, burns, fatigue, stomach disorders, sprains, and also eliminates the discomfort and excitement from different everyday troubles.
Helps to recover from drug addiction.
Enhances the effect of standard pharmaceutical treatment and other alternative therapies.
Reduces the impact of disease and injury.
Improves creative, communicative and intellectual capacities, strengthening the work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
Helps children to relieve stress and overcome the difficulties in the process of maturing.
Animals and plants like Reiki.
Improves self-esteem and gives confidence.
Helps to overcome fear and anxiety.
Contributes to reunite of man with its inner self.
Reiki is a powerful tool for personal growth and improvement of the quality of our life.


It’s not a religion, cult or affiliation, so there is no need to change your confession.
It’s not a form of mental treatment.
It’s not a form of mental control, indulging in wishful thinking or hypnosis.
It’s not a meditation technique.<


Reiki is a simple, safe, natural and easily trainable technique. However, since Reiki is an experimental technique, i.e., based on experience, it is impossible to understand and learn through books. You must listen to the 1 session of the seminar. Once receiving the energy of Reiki, it stays with oneself throughout the whole life.


Trainees receive 4 settings, which open energy centers for receiving energy of Reiki. They learn the history of the origin of Reiki, basic hand positions for treating oneself and others that can be used in everyday life. During the seminar, the students are practicing Reiki on themselves and others.

At the end of the seminar, you will be issued with a certificate of the one Practicing Reiki of level 1. The seminar ends, but Reiki stays with you for life. Reiki would help you understand yourself and change for the better.


At this level you would be involved in more enhanced studying and making full use of Reiki. You will learn new techniques and methods for attracting greater energy, Reiki transmission at a distance, as well as techniques for development and maintenance of the treatment process in the spiritual and the emotional sphere.

(Usui Shiki Ryoho)
System Of Natural Treatment

In Japan, the word «Reiki» is used to describe any method of treatment, based on the power of life energy. However, Reiki is not only limited to the treatment system, based on the method of Dr. Usui. The treatment system, which received its development from the aforementioned method, is called Natural Treatment System or Usui Shiki Ryoho. This is a type of Reiki.

Since neither Dr. Usui, nor Dr. Hayashi left written material about Reiki, the only source of information about the systems of Usui Reiki are the materials and instructions of Mrs. Takata, which were handed over to her students.

The Usui System of Natural or Genuine Treatment has been developing over the years. In the current state, it is much more organized and better structured than the simple, flexible, and intuitive technique, applied by Dr. Usui. Description of the origin and evolution of Usui Reiki is provided below.

During his mysterious experiment on sacred Kurama Mountain, doctor Usui gains the ability to heal people by using Reiki, to recognize its characters, as well as the ability to transfer Reiki to others. Later, he develops the ideals and conception necessary to obtain compensation for treatment. Dr. Hayashi has developed standard hand positions, 3 levels of training and initiation process. Mrs. Takata has developed payment structure. After her death, Reiki Union members developed and added periods between classes into the structure. As stated by the current Master Chief Phyllis Furumoto, Usui System can be further developed.

After Mrs. Takata’s death, some teachers began to make changes in the ways of teaching Reiki. Most of the changes were quite acceptable and useful because they included additional knowledge and treatment skills acquired or imported by teachers from other systems. However, there were also restricting changes that make the process of mastering Reiki more complicated for students. When teaching the Third Level of Reiki, some «masters» divided it into several smaller parts, calling each of them a new Stage or New Level, and taking additional pay for it. Commonly, the fact that they have completely changed the system of Usui, was not mentioned, and when their students became teachers, they began to teach what they believed to be the intrinsic Usui Reiki System, while virtually it appeared to be absolutely wrong. In this regard, many varieties of Reiki developed with some deviation from what should rightfully be called a genuine System of Usui.

Spiritually-guided Life Force Energy

Awareness of God, called Rei directs and manages the life force called Ki, what we call Reiki in practice. Therefore, Reiki can be called a spiritually-directed life force energy. This is significant and expressive interpretation of the word «Reiki». It describes the experience of most people who accepted the teaching in more detail; Reiki bears wisdom and does not depend on the direction of the one practicing it.

Do all the healers use Reiki?

All healers may use the life force Ki, but not all of them use Reiki. Reiki is a special kind of life force that can be transmitted only to those who have received initiation. Perhaps, some people have the gift of Reiki disposal since very birth. Most healers who have not received Reiki initiation from Reiki Master, use not Reiki but another kind of energy. People who are already involved in treatment, constantly talk about increasing healing energy by at least 50% after training in Reiki.


Reiki is trained differently than other treatment techniques. Reiki is passed to the trainee by Reiki Master during the process of initiation. This process opens the cakras of crown, heart and palms, and creates a special bond between the trainee and the source of Reiki.

Reiki Initiation is a powerful spiritual work. Energy flows stream into trainee through the channels from Reiki Masters. The process is headed by the recognition of God or Rei and varies depending on the needs of each trainee. The process of initiation is also observed by Reiki conductors and other Spiritual representatives who assist in the implementation process.

Initiation can also increase mental sensitivity. Some students said that after receiving the settings they have the third eye opened and the intuition significantly enhanced.

Having once received Reiki initiation, You would possess it throughout your life. It does not disappear, does not wear out, and you can’t lose it. Exploratory surveys show that secondary or even tertiary initiation of the same level additionally empowers that level. These benefits include purification and improved energy of Reiki, increase of energy strength, reduction and healing from personal problems, clarification and clarity of mind, increased psychic sensitivity, as well as high level of consciousness.

Reiki Initiation «starts» the purification process which influences both physical body and mind, consciousness and emotions. Toxins, which have been accumulating in the body for years, can come out through the feelings and thoughts. Therefore, before receiving the settings (or initiation) it’s necessary to undertake the purification process which will contribute to a more effective result.

The Transmission Of Reiki

After receiving the initiation, the practitioner will need just to point hands at the one being healed to begin the process of treatment. Reiki Energy begins to flow automatically. Reiki possesses its own «mind» and knows exactly what to do and what to focus energy on. Practitioner does not need to manage the energy. In fact, Reiki has a kind of «own intellect» and cannot fully fall for the practitioner’s control. Reiki Energy seems to «communicate and connect» with the sick person at the Highest Level, and then, using the obtained information, «decides» where it should be directed. For achieving best results, the practitioner and the patient need to relax and remain in resting state, to allow the energy of Reiki do its work. Reiki will never do harm to you.

As Reiki is directed and guided by the Celestial Consciousness, it will never harm you. Reiki knows what a man needs and therefore automatically adapts and adjusts to the needs of one. There is no need to worry and fret over the question, whether you need Reiki. Reiki always delivers benefits.

Moreover, as the practitioner does not manage the treatment himself and does not decide what to work over and what to treat, he or she does not risk to adopt the client’s karma. It is much easier to keep out of this process and allow God to be present and illuminate with the light.

Energy does not disappear

As Reiki is the transfer of energy through channels, the practitioner’s energy of Reiki never disappears. In fact, Reiki consciousness involves not only treatment of the patient but also the treatment of the practitioner itself, so both of them are involved in the treatment process. Therefore, treatment of another person always enhances the energy of the one giving Reiki, and lavishes care, health and prosperity upon the receiver.

Reiki is available to anyone. Anyone can learn Reiki, regardless of his or her intellectual and mental capacity or ability to meditate. It does not require years of training and practical exercises. Reiki knowledge is simply passed from master to trainee. Once this happens, the one who received Reiki can use it and treat with Reiki.

Reiki is the purest form of treatment which does not dependent on individual qualities or acquired skills. That’s why the individuality of the person treating is unlikely to obscure or damage the importance of experiment. The sense of direct connection with love and protection of God is clearly evident.


Aura is magnetic energy field which comes from and surrounds the physical body of every human being. It carries information about your mood, problems and gathered experience. It is believed that aura is the same as an atmosphere which your soul exudes, it changes not only color, but also forms, depending on how you live, accept and deal with everyday situations. Your aura uses only your energy. When you accept energy, opinion, points of view or judgments of another person into your aura, you can’t develop your own spiritual and mental potential, because your consciousness is focused on the potential and perspectives of another person, which you cannot manage. You must be the sole master of your aura. For the sake of your well-being and prosperity, your aura is to contain only your own energy.

Study Of Aura

To start with, utter a prayer and ask to refer you to those places (fields), where there is a need for treatment with Reiki. Then place your left hand (or right one, if you’re left-handed) at the distance of 12 inches from the crown of a person’s head. Direct your consciousness into the palm of your hand and pay attention to the feeling. Then, move your hand up closer to the distance of 3-4 inches from the crown of the head and start passing it over the person’s face, going down slowly, continuing to remain at the distance of 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) from the body. Move your hands very slowly and monitor any changes in energy and feeling in the palm of your hand. You will feel the place where person needs Reiki on your own. It may be light coolness, warmth, tingling, pressure, feeling of light electric shock, pulsation, trembling or twitching. These changes may be barely noticeable, and you might think that this is flight of imagination. Nevertheless, trust your experience. Remember, when you only start to practise «studying or scanning» aura, your sensitivity is not very developed yet, so you need to pay attention to the slightest changes in sensations. In consequence, with practice, your ability to feel and examine the body would improve. After a while, you would be able to find and even see the problem areas and zones with your eyes.


With the help of Reiki, you can treat not only others but also yourself. This is one of the most wonderful benefits of Reiki. Reiki works on you as well as it works on others. During the training you are given the full list of instructions for self-treatment. The section dealing with the position of hands and points gradually enumerates all the steps to implement the standard treatment process for you yourself.

The Bipolar Nature of Reiki

Observation of clairvoyants showed that Reiki has bipolar nature. It has both male and female energy. Male area is higher. It is associated with the crown of the head and upper cakras and is called Shiva in Tantric system. Female zone is placed below, it is associated with lower cakras and is called Shakti in Tantric system. These two types of energy interact, defining the proportion of each polarity needed for the person, that’s why the energy emanating from the palms, already has the proper combination and conjunction of masculine and feminine energies. It is worth saying that when several people are working on one person, Reiki connects with all the practicing healers, providing some of them with male energy, and others with female one so that client receives balanced energy combination.

How Does Reiki Heal?

We live, because life power passes through us. This power flows through the physical body in special tracks — cakras, meridians and other points. It also moves around us in the energy field, called «aura». Life power or energy nourishes all the organs and body cells, supporting and helping them to perform vital functions. If the flow of vital energy fails, one or more organs of the physical body weaken and the work of them disrupts.

Life power depends on thoughts and feelings. It weakens when we consciously or unconsciously assume negative feelings or emotions. These negative emotions attach to the energy field and destroy the flow of life power, which in turn reduces the work and functioning of vital organs and body cells.

While treatment process, Reiki detects the damaged areas of the energy field and charges them with positive energy. Reiki increases the vibrating level of the energy field inside and around the physical body, where there is «negative information». Thanks to this, negative energy collapses and disappears. Thus, Reiki cleanses, tidies up and treats energy paths, allowing life power pass in a healthy and natural way.

What Can be Treated?

Reiki is simultaneously a powerful and gentle treatment technique. In the course of its history and evolution, Reiki has succeeded in treating many well-known diseases, such as: different degrees of sclerosis, heart diseases, cancer, skin problems — cuts, bruises, fractures, headaches, colds, sore throat, sunburns, fatigue, insomnia, impotence, memory lapses, low self-esteem, etc. Reiki works not only on its own, but also is a great supplement to other forms of treatment. Treatment is perceived as a great bright radiance and has a lot of advantages both for the Reiki practitioner and the one receiving treatment.

If the client wants to improve its health with the help of Reiki, it should consult with its physician or other specialized doctor. Reiki helps to improve the result of any treatment methods, since it acts as a catalyst for reducing negative effects and side effects, it helps shorten treatment time, reduce or even eliminate pain, reduce stress and increase vitality.

Is Reiki a Religion?

Despite its spiritual nature, Reiki is not a religion. It is not a religious doctrine, and you don’t have to believe in someone or something to learn and to use Reiki. Reiki is absolutely independent of faith, and will work regardless of whether you believe in it or not. Since Reiki comes from God, many people discover that using Reiki makes them closer to their religion.<


First heal yourself. You are Reiki, and therefore you can be in the state which your «self» allows you to be in.

The next step is treating the members of your family. As a rule, family ties have already provided you with a great number of advantages, and therefore the transmission of Reiki energy with the purpose of recovery is a wonderful way to fill in the exchange.

The third stage is to try treating everyone who asks. Making request for treatment is a very important moment because Reiki is a system based on a strong desire and wish. Prospective client must express its desire for healing and ask it.

Usually, if a person is in a coma, or it’s an infant, or members of a person’s family are asking for him or her, or this is a person who you are responsible for, — in these cases you can also use Reiki.

Remember that you are «in right to accept or reject this treatment», «you understand the desire of client and do not impose your point of view on it».

Be careful when using Reiki on a random person you do not know, because from the legal point of view, it is undesirable to tell strangers about your ability to heal.

Just try using Reiki without being noticed which is fortunately quite easy to do.

As for children, do not think that babies in the womb, are too small to receive the treatment.

Reiki works at the level of energy-O on the babies like that. Such infants do not have barriers, they are open to God’s love. And therein lies the treatment: God loves us.

Those people who are in the hospital or receive out-patient treatment, can get Reiki as well.

If the patient takes medicines, advise him or her to consult physician on regular bases, because Reiki will recover the body, and perhaps it will be necessary to reduce the dose of the drug, in order to avoid an overdose.

Do not diagnose disease and do not prescribe any drugs, at least until you become a Reiki Medical Trainee. Just tell the patient, what you would do if you were him or her, if you faced the similar problem, or were in the same situation. Thus, you give the patient a chance to take a responsible decision and evaluate everything itself.

It is also important to remember that you don’t have to force yourself to treat someone, or feel guilty for not finding time to treat when you are asked.

Don’t forget about your pets and plants. They have universal life energy, and Reiki also fits them ideally.

The fascination of Reiki is that when you treat someone you also get the energy of healing.

It is impossible to get tired or feel exhausted after Reiki treatment session, as you use the universal life energy, filling all flesh.

Therefore, to some extent, Reiki can be viewed from the perspective of non-traditional, original method of treatment. «What» to treat is as important question as «who» to treat.

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