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Selective perfumery, niche perfumes

For people who at least once faced with an exclusive perfume, fragrance other elite cease to exist. Among the inhabitants many misconceptions about exclusive fragrances as luxurious expensive products for the jaded fashionistas who «Dior», «Valentino», «Chanel» is no longer interesting. However, things are different: in the pursuit of fashion buyers often acquire good «untwisted» the most famous brands products. A selective (niche) perfumery, in accordance with the translation of the Latin «selects the best», ignoring advertising. «Luxury» perfumes Yves Saint Laurent company, Lancome, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Valentino and others are not coming from the pages of fashion magazines. The products of these brands each store sells perfumes and cosmetics. In contrast, selective brands have a very limited number of outlets (250). That is why the products are niche perfume is protected from forgery and has a high cost, reducing its availability to the customer. Price selective perfume also depends on the fact that the unique feed of the highest quality is used for its production.

The most famous brands are selective for today Annick Goutal, Amouage, E.Coudray, Diptyque, Il Profumo, Serge Lutens, Erno Laszlo, Penhaligon, Jo Malone, Frederic Malle, Parfums de Rosine, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, Miller Harris, Montale. Their exclusive perfumes addressed elected, and the experience and tradition of manufacturing products are kept in the strictest confidence.

From simple to complex and vice versa

During the last century, perfumery products passed the conversion path from elite to mass. In 90 years, the use of animal feed was banned, the chemical industry has developed the newest synthetic products, which replaced the natural, and therefore the cost of perfume is minimized. New technologies have simplified the task of perfume companies, products are now updated with incredible speed. The result of this process is the emergence of «average» perfume designed for the simplest tastes.

Niche perfumery unconventional. Regardless of its high quality, it is necessary to taste not for everyone, because it is difficult to understand. For example, selective fragrances Oud Queen Rose by Montale, Norma Kamali Incense by Norma Kamali, Gold pour femme by Amouage unprepared buyer can just scare. The choice of selective perfumery requires some knowledge and culture. These fragrances are designed for particularly sensitive aesthetes.<
Selective perfumes created as opposed to some mediocre product «promoted» brands that relied on commerce.

The lion’s share of the cost of a conventional fragrance falls on advertising and promotion of exclusive perfumes comes only at the expense of buyers who understand it, that is, «word of mouth». Brands such as Bulgary, Davidoff, Dior, for example, set up little-known companies in the world of perfumes and selective brands use the services of the most famous perfumers of our time, and deal only with the release of aromas. Products niche perfume may seem provocative, outdated, complex, as selective brands are guided by the conceptual. Monoaromaty with a simple construction and can be mixed to create an individual range of aromatic, complex compositions evoke memories and evoke emotions. Typically, selective perfumery bottles made out of a single design, which also confirms its conceptual.

Traditional — an integral part in the creation of niche perfumery. That is why selective brands are mainly in France, Italy, England. Japan Selective perfumes, as well as all Japanese products, is different from the European, so it must be treated separately. England Traditions differ significantly from the French, English exclusive perfumery is much simpler and has its fans. Niche perfumery Italy stands out easily, and traditional delicacy, devoid of any difficulties.

Selective perfumes created on the principle of intransigence, its authors — very creative, independent perfumers. For example, the world famous Serge Lyutans, who created one of the famous niche brands, a long time working in the company Shiseido, had not been able to choose their own ingredients for their products. Only exclusive perfumes created on the principle that all unusual, extraordinary — the best.

Exclusive perfumes in retro style

A number of selective brands producing selective perfumery in vintage style (vintage — modern interpretation of old). Most of these brands have a rich history (real or fictional), or pay tribute to the old traditions.

Among the first well-known niche brands France — Company L`Artisan Parfumeur, created in 1976 by the famous master of perfumes Jean Laporte. Perfume was inspired by the ancient traditions of the art of perfumery in France. The flasks with exclusive fragrances made with antique L`Artisan rigor. In 1978 they released their first vintage fragrance brand — Mure et Musc, who produced a stunning effect. Recreating the atmosphere of an orchard, penetrated by sunlight, a fragrance for someone to become anxious recollection, someone heard it something very personal and pleasant. Since then, each L`Artisan composition causes a number of emotions, memories, sensations. Aroma Dzing !, for example, reproduces the smells of the circus, the composition of La Chasse aux Papillons tells the story of a vacation spent in Normandy, fragrance Passage D`Enfer, created at the turn of the millennium, according to reflections on the end of the world. Despite the modern look (design bottles) selective perfumery L’Artisan, the company’s products can be carried to vintage.

Company L’Artisan different innovative ideas, the creators of exclusive perfume brand first used many new natural products as raw materials: figs, for example, in the aroma Premier Figuier, pineapple — in the toilet water Ananas Fizz. Since 2005, when the creation of selective perfume company L’Artisan has used a fundamentally new approach — gathering a certain raw material yield, as in the wine industry. Series flavors Grand Cru opened the first exclusive release of the product Fleur d`Orange 2005, which was used in the harvest colors of orange trees from Tunisia in 2005. Behind him came the fragrance of the daffodils, designed along the same lines. All niche perfume is a limited edition, and, after some time, its price rises repeatedly. Selective Brand L`Artisan produces exclusive perfumes thirty species, all of it belongs to the unisex fragrances. One of the company’s stores, where you can get acquainted with its selective perfumery, located opposite the Louvre.

One more niche brands, created by Jean François Laporte, is a brand of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. His aim was to revive the historical traditions of perfumery. On the basis of natural components master formula recreated flavor of the 17th century, is considered the «golden age» of French perfumery. Glovers master while both were perfumers, hence the name of the brand — «Master of perfume and glove business.»

According to the concept, fragrances Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier different complex construction, often seem to be heavy, but it is instantly saved and are truly French. Unusual sounds, for example, the fragrance Eau de Gantier, where the raspberry, currant, musk, sandalwood, ambergris unite in an original combination. Selective perfumery Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier has several compositions of musk Sanguine Muskussime, Fraicher Muskussime, Rose Muskussime. Among the flavors of the brand have male groupies which women are. At present, the development of niche perfume companies Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier busy Jean-Paul Mile premium. Exclusive perfumes Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier known for outstanding quality and composition of the original compositions performed their rare and valuable natural ingredients.

One of the most famous brands of selective — French company Diptyque (Diptik), existing since 1968. The first fragrance — L`Eau, was created by the chance discovery of an ancient recipe, relating to the XVI century. It was followed by Opone, Philosykos, Oyedo, which became hits. Niche brand Diptyque has become famous for its unique aromatic candles. All the company’s products, including the selective perfumery, created by the most famous masters, for its production sold better, expensive, very rare perfume raw materials.

Products exclusive Diptyque perfumes are considered iconic. In addition to the legendary fragrance L’Eau, this oriental composition L’Autre, aroma in plants and resins, Greece — L’Eau Trois, the famous tonic flavor Vinaigre de Toilette. Luxury niche perfumery Diptyque Houses sold Hollywood stars, Presidents and representatives of high society. Among the admirers of Diptyque products — Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer. Collection of selective perfumery Diptyque brand currently includes 48 products and is the largest in the world.

Well-known brands include selective and Amouage company created by the Sultan of Oman in 1988 as a project of reviving the traditions of oriental perfume. The work on the creation of the brand took part renowned perfumer from France, Guy Robert, author of the famous flavors of the Madame Rochas by Rochas and Dioressence from Dior. For it was opened limitless funding, which allowed the perfumer to create the first product Amouage Gold. The following flavors company developed without its participation. The most expensive was the scent of Crystal Gold.

In the current time of Amouage is no longer a leader in the cost of production, but is the first to use natural ingredients. The basis of selective perfumery Amouage included valuable component — with incense of Dhofar Mountains. Luxury fragrance Crystal Gold refers to the Oriental classics. All of the exclusive Amouage perfumes created for wealthy buyers with high status, it requires a certain (low-key, expensive) style of clothing.

Brand Amouage has both fans who consider it a niche fragrances to a class of high art, and opponents who believe the rich flavors of kitsch. But no one would argue with the fact that the selective perfume brand is unique and exclusive.

The French brand Montale appeared, thanks to Pierre Montale Dolgov, who conducted business in the Middle East, and on their return reflected his admiration for Arab culture in the original exclusive perfumes. In traditional oriental fragrances no alcohol, they are built on a combination of natural oils. Brand Montale for better preservation of its niche perfume fragrance packs up in aluminum bottles.

From well-known brands of fragrances can be noted Vetiver des Sables, Patchouli Leaves, Musk — White Musk and Ginger Musk. Of particular note is the exclusive brand Montale perfumes, based on the valuable ingredient — butter oud wood, possessing with incomparable sound. Selective perfumery Montale popular among the rulers of the Arab East — the sultans and kings, who appreciate the tradition, fascination, and a high concentration of eastern perfumes.

Niche perfumery Montale, based on oud wood, includes a number of unique and truly magical, products. These include fragrances Oud Pur Oriental, Royal Oud, Oud Cuir D`Arabie, Attar, Oud Ambre, created by the ancient secret recipes. Each of these products selective perfumery involves only natural, pure, expensive components, raise them to the rank of works of art of perfumery. Not so long ago, in 2006, by Montale Paris new composition Aromatic Lime has been developed, which is a symbiosis of citrus and woody tones.

The company Les Parfumes de Rosine, as well as other niche brands, based on the history and the traditions established by its founder, Paul Poiret at the beginning of the last century. In our time, the matter continues to Marie-Hélène Ruzhon, Napoleon III’s granddaughter.

Selective perfumery company reflects the feminine look of its owner on the aromatic products, all songs are built around a unique and delicate notes of rose varieties that range.

Niche perfumery Les Parfumes de Rosine is light and subtly reminds retro flavors. Fans are fans of Rose brand products, which is known for excellent quality and an enviable variety.

Exclusive perfumes companies Histoires de Parfums is also maintained in the old traditional French spirit. Her creations are devoted to celebrities. The collection includes famous works of masters of perfumery: aroma «1804» — dedicated to George Sand, the song «1876» — in honor of Mata Hari, «1725» — dedicated to Casanova, «1740» — the Marquis de Sade, «1828» — a tribute to Jules Verne.

A number of Histoires de Parfums brand fragrances are devoted to individual flowers and plants — peony Vert Pivoine, violet Blank Violette, Patchouli Noir Patchouli.

It is impossible not to recall an exclusive perfume Pecksniff`s English company with its luxurious feminine fragrance Floriental, English brand Czech & Speeke, five variants of nostalgic flavors Patyka, Carthusia Italian company with a line of fragrances dedicated to New York and, of course, Comme des Garcons. On the last little detail.

Regardless of the fact that the products of the company Comme des Garcons is found in all chain stores, the brand has six lines of selective perfumery, which is implemented entirely in its retail stores.

For niche perfume brands include Incense fragrance lines (religious and philosophical themes), Leaves (leaves of various plants), Red (red line), Sherbet (gourmet).

Exclusive Incense perfumes dedicated to the history of ancient cities in France (Avignon), Morocco (Ouarzazate), Russia (Zagorsk), India (Jaisalmer). Each composition has a philosophical meaning, teaches high spirituality.

New French niche brand Etat Libre d`Orange only in 2006 began to produce selective fragrances. In his collection there are six types of exclusive perfumes unisex: Encens & Bubblegum, Jasmin et Cigarette, Vraie Blonde, Putain des Palaces, Secretions Magnifiques, Je Suis Un Homme.

Registered niche brand

By the brand name manufacturers are selective perfumery, named after the people who created them.

Among them there are those who formally come under this category, but their conceptual allows you to assign them to the previous group: English Penhaligon`s and Creed, and E.Coudray — France.

The famous British company Penhaligon`s is a classic British representative in the world of niche perfumery. Royals enjoyed the aromas of William Henry Penhaligon, the founder of the brand. Selective perfumery brands are manufactured in full compliance with its name (lily of the valley, bell, etc.). Only a few products are characterized by a certain sophistication, such as Artemisia and Malabah. Fragrances brand Penhaligon`s — the exact opposite of the French niche perfumery, their concept — simplicity, conciseness, elegance.

Company Creed is positioned as a company with a century-old family tradition in the perfume business. Selective perfumery Creed considered a typically English — a clean, uncomplicated, appropriate names. Of the total number of allocated luxurious colonial composition Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie and Santal Imperial.

Exclusive perfumes and creates brand Scent By Alexis, the uniqueness of which is determined by single products made by hand. Perfumer Alexis Karl, who lives in New York, works wonders, is producing selective perfumery products. Luxury Courtesan fragrance inspired by the way the author tempting beauty of the Middle Ages. Composition Femme Fatale brings us back to the retro era of the 30s.

Brand Annick Goutal has taken its rightful place among the producers of niche perfumery.

Each fragrance is dedicated to someone from the family founder of the company and as a whole they form a kind of family album, which consisted of Eau de Camille, Passion, Grand Amour, Eau de Charlotte. Now selective perfume brand Annick Goutal creates a daughter — Camille.

Niche brand E. Coudray was founded by Edmond Coudray in the XIX century was the supplier of luxury perfumes for the royal courts of Europe. Among the famous perfume companies of that time (Guerlain, Houbigant, Piver) E. Coudray has established itself as one of the best. Gradually, the business enterprise was in decline, but in the 70s of the last century the company was reborn. However, the flavors are made according to old recipes, were called differently, but preserved the unique formula. Selective E. Coudray perfumes made in the French style — sophisticated and elegant. In the new age of the company E. Coudray came with his famous creations Givrine, Jacinthe et Rose, Vanille et Coco, Ambre et Vanille.

Exclusive brand Erno Laszlo is a prominent representative of the best manufacturers of selective perfumery of the highest class. Mark founded dermatologist Erno Laszlo. Many celebrities use the products of niche perfume brand, including Madonna and Nicole Kidman.

The philosophy of selective perfumery expressive and fully represented the brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. The company employs nine best perfumers of our time, for them to create conditions that allow fully given to the creative process. The authors are not strapped for cash and can not take care of the profitability of their products.

Some niche brands have been created by celebrities, who dreamed of free creativity. The most famous of them are considered brands Jean-Claude Ellena and Lyutansa Serge (Serge Lutens). The founder of the brand Serge Lutens started his career with the company Shiseido, where he worked as an art director. In 2000, Serge Lutens created his company and opened a shop in Paris, where all samples of his beautiful selective perfumery. All products of the brand belongs to the eastern perfumes, but is made with European traditions. Serge Lutens Fragrance have a heady, intoxicating sound and like literally everything, even the opponents of oriental flavors. From the masterpieces of Serge Lutens note powdery composition Clair de Musc, charming Datura Noir, the fragrance with a note of suede, Daim Blond, honey perfume Miel de Bois, a popular Cedre with woody notes. Each creation is a brand made in the true French style and gives the impression of trendy classics.

If Lyutans attracted to the creation of the best flavors «noses» of modernity, then Jean-Claude Ellena (Jean-Claude Ellena) itself creates the formula of exclusive perfumes. His talent allows him to simultaneously work on the five flavors. In our time, masters perfumes, possessing such a gift, there are about eighty. Jean-Claude Ellena — Hereditary perfumer. He had to work with such world famous brands like Bvlgari (L’Eau Parfume), Cartier (Declaration), Symrise, Frederic Malle (Cologne Bigarade), Van Cleef and Arpels (First). The uniqueness of its selective perfumery that to create masterpieces using only 10-20 components.

The name of the company, Jean-Claude Ellen — «Another company» (The Different Company), speaks for itself. It is conceptualized as a selective perfume brand. Grand Master settled in the center of the French perfume — Grasse. His collection of niche perfumes includes five outstanding works, named for the dominant ingredient in the composition: Bois d`Iris, Osmanthus, Jasmin de Nuit, Bergamote, Rose Poivree. Aromas leave nezabyvemoe impression collectors hunt for these masterpieces of perfumery art. Design of bottles — massive, wrapped in skin, performed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, Parisian celebrity.

French niche brand M. Micallef — a combination of perfume sample and design art. Making selective perfumery brand deserves special attention. For the manufacture of bottles used by Bohemian crystal, hand painted and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Sophistication bottles and divine flavors — the result of creative work of the couple Jeffrey Newman and Martin Micallef, French artist. Known flavors include M. Micallef Rose Aoud, Crystal, Ananda.

Italian brand Lorenzo Villoresi also deserves attention, as the creator of selective perfumery. Vilorezi engaged at the time the individual development of perfume products for private customers, so niche fragrance brands have a bright and expressive sound, all ingredients are heard clearly and intelligibly. Gained great popularity brand fragrance Dilmun Lorenzo Villoresi.

Exclusive perfumes French brand Parfums de Nicolai, created granddaughter Pierre Guerlain, creator of the famous flavor of Rue de la Paix, different from the classic perfumery company floral theme. However, East fruity Sacre Bleu, is considered the most successful. He became a fan of Catherine Deneuve. Known and popular as perfume Eau Exotique Eau Fraiche.

Niche perfumery brand Keiko Mecheri is of high professional performance. With sleek, understated design fragrances astonishingly sensual and luxurious composition, expressiveness and absolute harmony. The magic of selective perfumery products brand Keiko Mecheri is that they miraculously coalesce notes, which interact with each other is usually bad. That is why every job Keiko Mecheri becomes a masterpiece.

The English brand Miller Harris was formed recently. Its founder Lin Harris loves to travel, and draws inspiration from them. Her work — Figue Amere, Saint-Germain, Fleur du Matin, Feuilles de Tabac tell of the places where the author was able to visit exclusive perfumes. Fragrances brand popular with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Helena Bonham-Carter.

Jo Malone brand also belongs to the British creators of exclusive perfumes. The principle of the designer Mary Jo Malone is to provide compositions for the true connoisseurs of selective perfumery, «personal» flavors, reflecting the owner of the mood and the state of his soul. The brand produces flavors for all occasions.

The legendary brand Perfums d`Orsey, the history of which is from the XIX century, also produces elite selective perfumery. In addition to this company, it is worth mentioning Geo F. Trumper — known British brand. Until now, this brand continues to produce its famous masterpieces of exclusive perfumes — «extract lime», «Curzon», «Astor», «Sandal», «Spanish Leather», «Wellington», «Marlboro». The unique creations are handmade registered vials.


The third, very scanty, the group of selective perfumery entered monoaromaty. According to critics, this perfume is a burdensome distraction authors. But just ladies prefer selective of these foods niche perfumes. The compositions are based on the use of natural raw materials. There are flavors with a strong synthetic sound, for example, with the smell of detergent composition «Laundry» by Clean. Or, for example, the brand Comptoir sud Pacifique Vanille created the series with a vanilla base and various tropical additives.

French niche Molinard company traces its history since 1848. The first fragrance was created by Molinard Jeune chemist Molenaar. In 20-30s Molinard company’s products have been extremely popular. Luxury Habanita perfume since 1921 and is considered a cult to this day. The selective perfume brand entered and interesting fruit flavors. Molinard company differs excellent quality of its exclusive perfumes.

Monoaromaty presented some niche brands in the form of perfume designers, from which you can add all sorts of combinations. Such kits selective perfumery launches brand Demeter, focused on simple natural odors. Etro company engaged in production of more noble monoaromatov and even apply to them the instructions for mixing.

Similar kits produces brand NellyRodi Scent Factory, offering customers high-quality monoaromaty eight classic components — musk, incense, patchouli, and others.

Products of Italian company Etro attractive to outstanding personalities. The selective perfume brand includes monoaromaty based precious oils of myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, and others. Etro Fragrances are particularly resistant, originality, they complement each other perfectly and are harmoniously mixed. At the moment it becomes fashionable from time to time to feel in the role of perfumer, create your own combination of colors.

More recently, selective perfumery became issued a new company — Le Labo, which opened a company store in New York. Boutique can be compared to pharmaceutical warehouse or laboratory. Buyers represented ten flavors, three — for women, men and unisex, and one — for children. The store operates experienced master — perfumer, which helps to mix the ingredients and obtain new and unique flavors. All products are made of selective perfumery valuable natural raw materials imported from Grasse. Create your own fragrance can be an entertaining game.

Summing up

Exclusive aromas are not perceived by all. Some argue that the similar-sounding compositions. In fact, the mass has common colors perfumes and selective products differ significantly. Visit shops selling niche perfumes, changes the perception of mass fragrances, they become difficult to discern. But you were surprised to find that you understand the difference between the bergamot and vetiver, rose and tuberose, for example. Selective perfumery will open doors for you in the world of real flavors.


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